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26 mai 2007

Notes supplémentaires apache

Notes d’un atelier du Samedi 26 mai 2007

Atelier pratique

1) created several users

ssh = canal crypté

su = superuser , brings you to root (if you have the password)

you can be logged in as several users !

whoami = shows who you are logged in as

exit = to quit as that user

ls = list (fichier ou autre)

adduser malin = adds a user named malin and you fill in pass word etc . it also creates a repertoire for the user automatically

connect to our installed machine using its IP - connect to the newly added user ex ssh newuser@IPaddress

man scp = manual for the programme scp scp = a very useful program

2) created a directory in each of our own directories : called public_html

mkdir = make directory

cd = change directory

3) created an html page in textedit

4) transferred file via terminal to our shared machine

like this : ubuntu@ubuntu : $ scp ’/home/ubuntu/Desktop/malins.html’ malin@ :/home/malin/public_html/malins.html

type "less" and it shows your page created in textedit and trasferred to our directory ;

q = quit (back to command line writing possibility)

5) create a name for my fichier so that i can reach via browser

femke :/var/www# ln -s /home/malin/public_html malin

creates a ’domain name’ for my fichier in var/www my page can then be found via browser at http://ipadress/malin

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